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Photograph Restoration

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Our old photos can be so precious to us.  Sadly, they tend to deteriorate over time.  Colors wash out, contrast fades, or worse, they get damaged.  Let us restore your family heirlooms to ensure they’ll be enjoyed for generations to come.

Just pick the size closest to your original and the level of damage.  Once the purchase is complete, you will be sent instructions on how to send your photo.



Product Description

We will work with you to restore your photo to it’s former glory.  Most damage can be fixed but keep in mind that faces cannot be rebuilt if too much is missing (unless you just happen to have another picture of the same person at the same angle at the same age :)) .

All photo restoration projects are deliverable with a print of roughly equal size to the original (some older photos are not in standard sizes so prints will be approximations) as well as a digital copy that you can print out over and over.

All photos are allowed one round of initial edits and one round of requested revisions.

Additional Information

Closest Size

4×6, 5×7, 8×10, 11×14, 16×20, 20×30

Damage Level

Minimal (Mild discoloration or edge crease/tear), Medium (Discolored, some creases or small tears), Significant (Major discoloration, tears or creases across faces, missing portions)


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