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Well, it’s Christmas time again. I do so love this season and can’t wait to see the kids faces as they unwrap their presents. But wait… I have to pay for that stuff 🙂 Being a freelancer, I’m not exactly rolling in the dough so what can I do? Run a sale! I started it off with a $495.00 Custom Basic WordPress site sale. It comes with four free extra services and, for a limited time, an additional two. I thought it was a great deal but I didn’t get any nibbles. So, I started an $895.00 Custom Premium WordPress site sale. Again, I thought it was a great value for the money. This morning though, I thought, I wasn’t really offering a cheap option for those who just need to upgrade their existing WordPress site. So, I added a $195.00 Custom WordPress them sale on top of the other two. This one is just for the theme but if you just need an updated and unique look for your current WordPress site, this is a great option. I am hoping that by covering a wider spectrum of package deals, I can get some Christmas cash rolling my way. So get a great deal while the sale is still going and know your are contributing the joy of a starving artists munchkins 🙂

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